A quick cheatsheet for tmux things that I look up repeatedly.

Change window order

Use <prefix> : to get to tmux-command prompt first.

  • swap-window -t <num> where <num> is the target window index to move the current window
  • swap-window -s <source> -t <target> where <source> is the window index to move to <target> index.

Move Panes

  • break-pane break pane into new window
  • swap-pane -s <source> -t <target> (pretty self explanatory)
  • swap-pane -t <target> swaps the current pane with the target pane
  • <prefix> } swap with pane to the left (or counter-clockwise) direction
  • <prefix> { swap with pane right (or clockwise) direction
  • <prefix> q will show pane numbers for use in above commands
  • <prefix> z toggle pane zoom. Makes the current pane fullscreen.
  • <prefix> <space> toggles between basic layouts